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Smoked rainbow trout with rosemary

Smoked rainbow trout with rosemary

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Barbecook Otto electric smoker
Barbecook oak-flavoured smoking chips
Barbecook wireless thermometer
Rainbow trout

The tastiest dishes are often the ones where you don’t have to work too hard to make them. Outstanding simplicity is possible thanks to the Barbecook Otto electric smoker. This electric smoker makes hot smoking accessible to everyone: a good cut of meat or fish, a handful of smoking chips, the Otto, and a pinch of patience. You don’t need any more than that to put a delicious classic dish on the table.

Smoked salmon, smoked trout; you name it! Or better yet, the best of both worlds: hot-smoked rainbow trout.
 We’ve opted for oak-flavoured smoking chips because the smoky flavour is nice and soft, pairing perfectly with the trout. Thanks to the Barbecook Otto electric smoker’s constant temperature, the smoking chips smoulder evenly, so that your trout has time to soak up all those smoky flavours. The perfect flavour thanks to the perfect control, just the way we like it!

Barbecook smoker Otto smoked rainbow trout Preparation

  1. Clean the rainbow trout thoroughly and rinse well. Pat dry.
  2. Fill the rainbow trout with several sprigs of rosemary.
  3. Soak the Barbecook oak-flavoured smoking chips by pouring water straight into the packaging. Allow the smoking chips to rest in the water for a while.
  4. Place a handful of soaked smoking chips in the drawer until completely full.
  5. Place the rainbow trout on the grill and slide it into the Barbecook Otto electric smoker.
  6. To maintain perfect control, place the wireless thermometer in the meat of the trout. This way, you know when your trout is cooked to perfection.
  7. Close the Barbecook Otto electric smoker and plug it in. After approx. 20 minutes, it will have reached the perfect core temperature.
  8. Unplug the Otto and take out your smoked rainbow trout. Time to dig in!

Barbecook smoker Otto smoked rainbow trout TIP: A lovely way to serve the trout filet is to make a cut just behind the head with a sharp knife. Then slice the fish open along the spine; this is how you separate the meat from the bone. Use the knife and a spatula to easily lift the meat off the bones and place it on a plate.

Barbecook smoker Otto smoked rainbow trout DID YOU  KNOW THAT…? One name for this fish is the “salmon trout”, but a salmon trout doesn’t actually exist. Trout are a member of the salmon family. So these “salmon” are also born in freshwater, but migrate back to the sea to mate. Once the trout make it out to sea, they eat the krill there, which gives their flesh a lovely pink - or better, salmon - colour. So the “salmon trout” is actually a plump sea trout, but definitely not a cross between a salmon and a trout, as is most commonly assumed.

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