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Smoked poussins with Kriek beer

Smoked poussins with Kriek beer

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Barbecook Otto electric smoker
Barbecook apple-flavoured smoking chips
Barbecook wireless thermometer
2 coquelets
Poultry spice mix
Kriek (cherry beer)
Pepper - Salt

When we think of smoking something, we often tend to automatically think of the classics: smoked salmon or smoked trout. However, smoked poultry is less traditional. Less traditional maybe, but equally delicious. Poussins (or spring chickens) are young chickens weighing around 400-450 grams. The meat is tender, light, and slightly sweet. This makes it perfect for experimenting with the Barbecook Otto electric smoker, Barbecook apple-flavoured smoking chips, and a fruity kriek beer. Thanks to the Barbecook Otto electric smoker’s constant temperature, you have absolute control of the cooking process. The smoking chips smoulder evenly, so that your meat has time to soak up all those smoky flavours.

Barbecook smoker Otto smoked poussins Preparation

  1. Season the inside of the poussin with salt and pepper.
  2. Season the outside of the poussin with a poultry spice mix or a blend of curry & paprika. Simplicity is the secret to this dish.
  3. Soak the Barbecook apple-flavoured smoking chips by pouring water straight into the packaging. Allow the smoking chips to rest in the water for a while. If you want to be even more adventurous, you can soak the smoking chips in the kriek beer.
  4. Place a handful of soaked smoking chips in the drawer until completely full.
  5. Pour the kriek into a enamel mug or aluminium tray and put this into the smoker. The evaporated beer is a flavour explosion!
  6. Place the two seasoned poussins and the kriek inside the Barbecook Otto electric smoker.
  7. To maintain perfect control, place the wireless thermometer in the breast of one of the poussins. Chicken meat must be cooked all the way through.
  8. Close the Barbecook Otto electric smoker and plug it in.
  9. After approx. 35 minutes, it will have reached the perfect core temperature of 77°C. Unplug your Barbecook Otto electric smoker.
  10. Ready to serve! 

Barbecook smoker Otto smoked poussins

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