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4 hours smoking, 5 minutes to make the mayonnaise
Barbecook Oskar, hand blender, a tall measuring cup
3 bulbs of garlic, a 450 ml pot of mayonnaise
For smoking:
olive oil, 3 bulbs of garlic
For the mayonnaise:
1 tablespoon mustard, 2 cloves of garlic, 300 ml peanut oil, 3 tablespoons sour cream, 1 tablespoon rice vinegar, pepper, salt, 1 egg

Garlic. You hate it. You love it.

I personally love it and use it in a lot of dishes. I always have a bulb of garlic handy. While reading about smoking, something about smoked garlic caught my eye. The recipes were mostly cooking at 180°C, making it really a form of roasting. I wanted to try some “low and slow”. I smoked the garlic for four hours between 100°C and 120°C. The look was softer and the aroma brighter, but just a little sweeter. So it’s really interesting.

I used part of the garlic for a garlic mayonnaise. This is a smokedgarlicmayonnaise, when you write it all down together. But maybe smoked garlic mayonnaise is just a bit easier to read. I refreshed the mayonnaise with some sour cream. I put the rest of the garlic cloves in a pot with some olive oil to preserve them a little longer. It’s simple, it’s not much hassle and above all, it is really nice. Top.


  1. Cut off the top of the garlic bulb. Remove a part of the outermost skin.
  2. Rub completely with olive oil.
  3. Heat the Barbecook Oskar to 100°C.
  4. Smoke the garlic for 4 hours in the smoker. Make sure the temperature does not rise above 120°C. You can do this by opening or closing the air supply.
  5. You can store the cloves in a jar with olive oil.
  6. For the mayonnaise: peel two smoked garlic cloves.
  7. Place the whole egg, vinegar, garlic, oil and mustard in a measuring cup. Please note: make sure that everything, including the mustard, is at room temperature.
  8. Mix gently with the hand blender, mixing from bottom to top until everything is blended well. Season with salt and pepper.
  9. Blend with the sour cream. Store in a jar.

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