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Scampi skewers with white tripe

Scampi skewers with white tripe

Food & More

Surf and turf on fire

Barbecook Carlo
Barbecook Charcoal Starter
White tripe
Grilling oil

Last year’s dominant trend was clearly the best of both worlds. The combination of fish and meat has already proven to be a daring, yet successful combination. Take it one step further with Barbecook Carlo! Grill surf & turf over charcoal to give your dish an extra boost, no matter where you’re cooking it.

  1. Cut the tripe into small slices, about as thick as a scampi.
  2. Thread the scampi and the white tripe onto skewers.
  3. Use the Barbecook Charcoal Starter to quickly and easily light your charcoal. If you don’t have any charcoal starter, you can use Barbecook firelighter blocks instead.
  4. Keep the fire perfectly under control using the vent.
  5. Dip the skewers in a little oil for grilling.
     Tip: use fondue or peanut oil. Olive oil is less suitable for this, as it can scorch and leave a slightly bitter taste.
  6. Season to taste with salt and pepper and grill the skewers on the Barbecook Carlo.
  7. Serve with an apple salad (if desired) and enjoy!
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