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Rubia Gallega has gained in popularity in recent years and that is certainly not unjustified. The Rubia cow lives a free and stress-free life on the higher pastures along the Atlantic coast of Northwest Spain. The salt air of the ocean determines which grasses and herbs there can grow. Thanks to this pasture, the meat of the Rubia cow is fully imbued with the flavours of this unique area. A Spanish pearl, which we were able to discover thanks to our butcher Gustor.

It is a delicious piece of meat, which means that Rubia Gallega deserves to be grilled correctly. The ideal time to put our new gas barbecue, the Siesta Black Edition, to a thorough test. After the gas cylinder has been correctly and securely connected, we let the brand new Siesta Black Editionburn-in ’. This process is necessary to remove factory greases left over from the production process: 15 minutes with the lid closed on ’high’, and another 5 minutes to burn through with the lid open. In this way your gas barbecue is ready for its first use and at the same time is also nicely preheated.

We take the Rubia out of the refrigerator well beforehand. As with any piece of beef, it is important to let it reach room temperature in advance. In that way the flesh ’flinches’ less if it is laid on a hot cast iron grill and you can enjoy more of the taste of a juicy rib roast.

  1. Remove the rib roast several hours in advance from the fridge.
  2. Let the Siesta Black Edition preheat for a few minutes, so that the cast iron grills heat up nicely and can sear your meat perfectly.
  3. Season the meat on both sides with some pepper and salt.
  4. Place the rib roast in the central section of the Siesta Black Edition. This central area (the Dynamic Core Grill) is the warmest spot on your grill and is perfect for searing your meat to seal it.
  5. Sear the meat on both sides briefly to seal in the juices, so that you see nice grill marks.
  6. Now turn the innermost burners off (the outer ones stay on) and cook the meat further with the lid closed. With the lid closed we worked at a temperature of 220°C.
  7. After a few minutes, turn the Rubia and leave it to cook further.
  8. If the Rubia has reached your desired level of cooking, you can take the rib roast off the gas barbecue.
     TIP: to cook a rib roast such as the Rubia Gallega perfectly takes a little bit of gut feeling. You want to follow the perfect cooking method. To achieve perfection, you can always use the wireless core thermometer, which warns you right at the moment when you have reached the correct temperature.
  9. Let the piece rest for a few minutes under aluminium foil. Cut the Rubia into slices and season it if necessary with some coarse salt.
  10. Turn the gas barbecue off and leave it to cool with the lid open. You will also have no hassle later, because the drip trays go straight in your dishwasher.
  11. Enjoy!

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