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Poire Belle Hélène on the BBQ

Poire Belle Hélène on the BBQ

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Barbecook Adam Top
Silicone basting brush
Oven dish
For the whipped cream: 150ml whole cream, 1 vanilla pod, 2 tsp of icing sugar, 1 lime
For the chocolate sauce: 200 ml dark chocolate, 60 ml cream, 1 knob of butter
Vanilla ice cream, speculaas biscuits, hazelnuts, a few sprigs lemon thyme (or some lime zest)
4 pears (Doyenne type), 150g butter, 1 dash of rum, 1 pinch of cinnamon, a few tablespoons of cane sugar

Was it in Grillmasters (the TV programme) that a well-known cook said that desserts do not belong on a barbecue? I straight away think of mine and throw a pear on the barbecue.

I cook them slowly, brush them with a spice-butter mixture and serve them with chocolate sauce, hazelnut, speculaas crumble and vanilla ice cream. In a certain sense, a kind of Poire Belle Hélène, but then also slightly different.

Success is guaranteed.


  • Peel the pears. Slice the bottom, so that they can stand straight. Mix the cinnamon powder with the cane sugar. Melt a knob of butter. Brush the pears with the butter and roll them through the cinnamon and sugar mixture.
  • Melt the rest of the butter, mix it with the rum and a tablespoon or two sugar.
  • Heat the Barbecook Adam Top. Place the pears in a dish in the barbecue and place the lid on the barbecue. Brush the pears regularly with the butter-rum mixture with the silicone brush.

  • It takes half an hour, depending on the heat and the size, until they are done.
  • Whip the cream with the pulp from the vanilla pod (you can possibly put the pod in the butter-rum mixture), the zest from a washed lime and icing sugar. Chill.
  • Melt the chocolate into the cream. Add a knob of butter.
  • Roast the hazelnuts, crumble the biscuits.
  • Serve ice cream with a pear, chocolate sauce, speculaas, hazelnut and finish with a spoonful of cream and zest from a lime or lemon thyme.
  • Enjoy!

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