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Picture perfect pizza

Picture perfect pizza

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Pizza = comfort food

Barbecook Pizza plate
Barbecook Siesta
Pizza dough, ready-made
Topping choices
tomato purée with Italian herbs
olive oil extra virgin
buffalo mozzarella
smoked salmon
grilled aubergine, courgette or pumpkin flesh
grated parmesan
red onion rings
rucola and fresh herbs as a finish

You can never get enough of it and would gladly eat it every day. Most combi-ovens are not nearly powerful enough to prepare pizzas like the real pizza aficionados are used to having them. Pizzas should really be backed short and sweet at a high temperature. So long, farewell traditional pizza ovens. Make an authentic pizza for once on a gas barbecue

Made in no time:

  1. The Dynamic Core Grill, the middle and hottest part of the Barbecook Siesta, does the trick in this recipe. Replace the grill with the Barbecook Pizza plate, which is made of baked fireproof clay stone. The perfect partner in crime for indirectly baking your home-made pizza. 
  2. Garnish the pizza crust. For this you can simply use a mix & match of leftovers from the refrigerator, like pieces of cheese, leftover vegetables and fresh herbs. Spread some tomato sauce on the crust, drizzle a little olive oil over it and have fun with different topping combinations.
  3. Because pizzas are ready so quickly, you can best garnish all the crusts in advance so you can swap quickly as soon as one is ready. 
  4. Place your pizza on a preheated pizza plate dusted with flour. 
  5. Bake your pizzas in a gas barbecue for 3 to 4 minutes until they are light and crunchy. 
  6. Buon appetito!

TIP: Try a unique pizza for once. With Nutella and banana, for instance, or pecorino and pear, or gorgonzola and fig. Too good to be true!

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