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The perfect côte à l'os

The perfect côte à l'os

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First of all choose pieces of meat that are of the best quality and take off all the superfluous grease. You can also marinade the meat beforehand with spices, but never sprinkle them with salt beforehand! Salt absorbs the moisture of the meat and therefore dries out the meat. You should spread the salt on your côte à l’os (steak) only at the last moment. Before putting the meat on your barbecook® , spread some olive oil on the grill so that the meat does not stick on the grill.

If you notice that suddenly a flame flares up while barbecuing, than temporarily move the côte à l’osto another spot on your barbecue, until the flame goes away. Flaring flames burn your meat and are unhealthy!

Try not to turn your meat over too often; actually one time is ideal! The more you turn your meat, the more juices get lost.Always use a tongue to turn your meat, never a fork. With a tong you don’t make holes in the meat, and the juice cannot escape!

In the end, don’t grill the meat too long, otherwise you risk to dry it out. You can first scorch thicker or bigger pieces of meat and then let them cook further by means of indirect grilling.

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