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Papillot of salmon

Papillot of salmon

Food & More

800.00 g
salmon fillets
2.00 pc
100.00 ml
white wine
1.00 pc

Add Italian spices, pepper and salt according to taste.

Mix the mascarpone with the white wine and stir the instant sauce binder through it.

Spice this blend with pepper and salt and some Italian spices. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Spread the frozen vegetables and the cherry tomatoes halves over 4 sheets of aluminium foil.

Also distribute the mascarpone blend over it, but keep about 4 tbs aside. Arrange 1 piece of frozen salmon and cod on each papillot. Spoon the remainder of the mascarpone mixture over it.

Close each papillot by folding it and wrap a sheet of aluminium foil around it. Take this outer sheet off after baking, in this way you can put a clean papillot on the plates.

Put the papillotes on the Siesta and let them cook for about half an hour on a moderate flame.

Serve it with a potato in the peel or with some pasta.

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