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OMG Greek gyros

OMG Greek gyros

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Barbecook Siesta 412
1 kg
Greek beef gyros meat
Pita bread
Sliced tomato
Red onion rings
Mixed salad

Sometimes you just don’t fancy having to organise a huge barbecue for friends but would prefer to simply eat a cosy evening meal with your family. This recipe is done in no time, making it ideal for preparing after work and still enjoying the ease of use of the Barbecook barbecue. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Made in no time:

  1. If you love being carefree and spontaneous, the Barbecook Siesta gas barbecue is perfect for you. From now on, you can cook outdoors every day, all summer long. We have optimised the design of our gas barbecues and guarantee that you only need to let them heat up for just ten minutes before the grill party can start. The pleasure is all ours!
  2. In the Dynamic Core Grill, the hottest part of your gas barbecue, you can replace the grill with a cast-iron plancha and grill plate. Cast iron guarantees an optimal distribution of the heat and ensures that your meat won’t stick.  A winning team for preparing gyros or giving home-made grilled meats a touch of the Mediterranean.
  3. The smooth plancha is perfect for smaller ingredients such as shrimp, clams or our Greek gyros. We admit it, it’s not rocket science to prepare gyros on the plancha. And, thanks to the Barbecook spatulas you can easily turn the meat or remove it one-two-three from the pate. 
  4. Every model of the Barbecook Siesta has side burner as standard. These allow you to divide the grill into temperature zones, Handy for keeping the pita bread warm while you’re preparing the meat on the plancha. 
  5. Fill the warm pita bread with a dash of tzaziki, the grilled gyros, a little tomato, salad and onion.  Finish it off with an extra blob of tzaziki. 
  6. Dig in!

TIP: The Dynamic Core is the hottest place on your Barbecook gas barbecue, but it too has different grill zones. The further towards the back, the hotter it is and vice versa. 

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