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Chicken-fennel-radish in Chimay beer

Chicken-fennel-radish in Chimay beer

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Not just a radish

Barbecook Carlo
Barbecook starter cubes
Chicken (cut into cubes)
For the marinade:
Chimay beer
Mild soy sauce
Salt and pepper

A daring but successful combination. Get in the mood for summer with this delicious and colourful skewer, marinated in Belgian beer. Serve this as a delicious appetiser prepared on your Barbecook Carlo, or a refreshing entremets course at a convivial dinner party. All up to you!



  • Finely chop the coriander and transfer to a bowl together with half a bottle of Chimay beer.
  • Add the honey and the soy sauce, as well as the remaining herbs.
  • Blend into a smooth marinade (or brushing mixture).
  • Add the chicken and marinade for at least an hour.


  • Fire up Barbecook Carlo using 3 starter cubes and the integrated vent.
  • Check to see if the fire is ready for grilling by holding your hands around 10 cm above the charcoal. If you can’t leave them in this position for more than 3 seconds, you’re all set to grill!
  • Grill the skewers until the chicken is completely done. While the skewers are on the barbecue you can brush them with the marinade to keep them juicy and tasty.


Barbecook charcoal grill Carlo recipe chicken skewerBarbecook charcoal grill Carlo recipe chicken skewerBarbecook charcoal grill Carlo recipe chicken skewer

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