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Grilled duck breasts with mandarin oranges

Grilled duck breasts with mandarin oranges

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Move over, canard à l'orange!

Barbecook Karl
Barbecook lighter cubes
Barbecook core thermometer
Duck breast with a skin layer of approx. 1cm
Green sweet pepper
Fresh thyme
Salt and pepper
Mandarin oranges

The idea of barbecuing duck breasts is likely to set off alarm bells in your head, considering the amount of smoke produced by dripping grease on burning charcoal! However, thanks to Barbecook Karl, featuring a cover above the coals and a convenient drip pot, this is something of the past. The addition of mandarin orange as a finishing touch gives this classic dish a contemporary twist. Heavenly!


  • Fire up Barbecook Karl using 3 lighter cubes. It’s easy to keep the fire perfectly under control thanks to the integrated vent.
  • Using a sharp knife, carve a criss-cross pattern into the skin side of the duck breast. This will prevent the breast from curling up due to the heat.
  • Rub the parsnip and the bell pepper with a little olive oil and season with thyme, salt and pepper.
  • Grill the duck breast, initially with the skin side down, and turn after a few minutes.
  • Use the core thermometer to check if the duck is done (between 55 and 65°C).
  • Grill the vegetables until done.
  • Serve with a few parts of mandarin orange on the side. Enjoy!

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