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How do I grill fish on my barbecue ?

How do I grill fish on my barbecue ?

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Take a piece of fish – not much thicker than about 3 cm – and rub it with olive oil. Instead of the fish, you can also grease the Barbecook grill with oil. You should do this in order to prevent your fish from sticking to the Barbecook grill. You can also spice the fish to your own taste.

Subsequently, place the fish (with the skin side down) on the grill and roast it on a medium flame. Turn the fish regularly, because fish cooks fast!

Your fish is cooked when it has lost its transparent colour but it is still juicy. A trick is to stick a fork in the thickest part of the piece of fish: if the fish flakes off easily, than it is ready!

Fishes like salmon and halibut can be easily grilled. For other fish kinds, like trout or flatfish, you have to pay more attention to because they are more delicate.

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