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How can I grill vegetables on my barbecue ?

How can I grill vegetables on my barbecue ?

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Grilling vegetables on the barbecue is one of the most healthy ways to prepare vegetables! If you boil vegetables their nutrients get lost. When grilling, this is less of a concern.

When you grill vegetables, first wash and clean them thoroughly. Cut the vegetables which are too big into big slices. Pay attention that the pieces of vegetables do not fall through the grill of your barbecue. You can marinade the vegetables for about fifteen minutes before grilling them. Choose, for example, a marinade based on olive oil, lemon juice and squeezed garlic cloves. You can also add rosemary, thyme or marjoram according to your own taste, or you can experiment with different kinds of olive oil and vinegar.

If you don’t feel like marinating or you don’t have time for it, then just rub in the vegetables with some olive oil so that they don’t stick on the grill.

Then cook the vegetables over a medium hot flame. You can put the vegetables directly on the grill, but you can also wrap them in aluminium foil. Regularly turn the vegetables overand rub them with extra olive oil, if needed. As soon as you can easily poke the vegetable with a fork, the vegetable is ready! By the way, on the barbecue most vegetables cook pretty fast, that is the reason why it is better that you don’t walk away from your barbecook®.

Eventually, when grilling vegetables you don’t need to limit yourself to the traditional potatoes or corn cobs, try also grilling peppers, mushrooms or eggplant! You can put peppers directly on the grill. When their peel is scorched and black put them in a plastic bag for some minutes and peel them after that. You can also grease the pepper with some olive oil and then grill it. Cut a courgette in thick slices, rub it in with olive oil and grill it on both sides on the barbecue, for about five minutes.

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