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Smoked pork tenderloin

Smoked pork tenderloin

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Barbecook Oskar
Barbecook Smoke Chips: Apple
Barbecook Charcoal Starter
Barbecook Loewy
Barbecook Digital Thermometer
Pork Tenderloin (membrane removed)

A true grill master uses an authentic and distinctive preparation technique to cook the most succulent part of the pig. Thanks to Barbecook Oskar, we can go back to the very roots of barbecuing. Traditionally, people smoked food so that they could keep it for longer. Nowadays, this technique is mainly used to give it a more distinctive flavour. Give your pork tenderloin a delicious, smoky flavour and push your limits.

We will now start preparing the tenderloin: smoking.

  1. Soak the Barbecook Smoke Chips for about two hours.
  2. Use Barbecook Charcoal Starter to light your Barbecook Oskar.
  3. Hang the pork tenderloin from one of the sturdy hooks
  4. Place the soaked smoke chips in the smoker.
  5. Smoke the pork tenderloin. Make sure the temperature in the Barbecook Oskar doesn’t exceed 110°C. You can easily check this by looking at the integrated thermometer.

Barbecook smoker Oskar tenderloin

The smoking process will take a little while! In the meantime, light the Barbecook Loewy using the QuickStart system. If you use 3 sheets of newspaper, this method will get your charcoal going flawlessly. The charcoal should be ready within a quarter of an hour.
 When the pork tenderloin has reached smoky perfection, we can start grilling it on the Barbecook Loewy:

Barbecook charcoal grill Loewy tenderloin

  1. Barbecue the meat until it reaches a core temperature of 65°C for a succulent pork tenderloin and is still pink at the centre. The temperature can easily be checked using the Barbecook digital thermometer.

Cut into slices and season to taste with salt and pepper.

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