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Barbecook Jura
25g dark chocolate
2 tbsp cocoa
4 eggs
250g butter
150g sugar
250g flour
6 oranges
To finish: nuts, meringue, mint, coulis, etc.

This time we are going with a dessert. Simple, delicious and perhaps also a surprise. We are making a cake in an orange on an open fire. How cool is that?

Actually, there is not much to it. You make a four-quarters batter – the basic type of cake among bakers – hollow out an orange, fill it with the batter, wrap it in aluminium foil, place it in the fire and then wait... The heat from the fire will bake the cake and the orange gives it ... how could it be otherwise ... a light orange flavour.

You can finish it off with fruit coulis, nuts, marshmallows, pieces of chocolate... In other words, whatever you like.

Some tips:

  • Maybe we no longer need to repeat this, but we will, anyway. Be careful with fire. And definitely when children are nearby.
  • Be careful when you put the oranges in the fire, but also, of course, whenever you take them out of the fire and open them.
  • We have chosen a chocolate four-quarters batter. Connoisseurs of gluten-free and the like can definitely try this with gluten-free flour.


  • Cream the butter and sugar.
  • Add the eggs.
  • Mix in the flour, cocoa and chocolate pieces.
  • Cut a lid in the oranges. Scoop out the insides. You can eat the flesh or mix it, strain it and drink it as juice.
  • Fill them with the batter.
  • Close them with the lid and wrap them in tinfoil.
  • Start the fire in the Barbecook Jura garden fire.
  • Place the oranges near the fire, but not completely in the fire.
  • Cook them for 20 to 30 minutes (it depends somewhat on how close they are to the fire).
  • Remove them from the fire. Garnish however you choose. Enjoy!

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