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 Belgian white-blue entrecôte

Belgian white-blue entrecôte

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Superlative Belgian quality

Barbecook Karl
Barbecook Charcoal Starter
1kg BWB entrecôte
Olive Oil

BWB, Belgian White-Blue, is a breed of cattle that is particularly renowned for its succulent meat. With an imposing mass of muscle tissue the BWB has an ideal fat to meat ratio. In other words: the cattle’s chunky build guarantees a delicious, mild flavour. Rugged on the outside, soft on the inside: the epitome of masculinity! Barbecook Karl radiates strength and boasts a sleek design, a match made in heaven with this strongly flavoured high-quality meat.

  1. Allow the entrecôte to reach room temperature for an hour, covered. Meat that is grilled straight from the fridge can become tough,  because this causes the muscle tissue to contract.
  2. Use Barbecook Charcoal Starter light your charcoal. If you don’t have any charcoal starter, you can use Barbecook firelighter blocks instead.
  3. Keep the fire perfectly under control using the integrated vent.
  4. Brush the meat with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  5. Grill the entrecôte directly over a hot fire until rare, medium or well-done.
  6. Cut into thin slices, season to taste and enjoy!
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