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Dragon's blood

Dragon's blood

Food & More

100.00 g
0.50 pc
orange section
0.50 pc
lemon section
750.00 ml
red wine
250.00 ml
4.00 pc
1.00 pc
cinnamon stick

Do not panic, you will obviously not drink actual dragon's blood. You can just give mulled wine that name for Halloween.

Slice the orange and lemon and remove the seeds. Pour the wine into a cast-iron cooking pot and add the water, orange, lemon slices, spices and sugar.

Hang the cooking pot from the tripod over a charcoal fire and wait until the wine is close to the boiling point. 

Leave the mulled wine to brew for some 15 minutes over low heat (tip: use the pulley to raise the cooking pot a little further away from the fire).

Lastly, pour the mulled wine through a sieve into bowls and serve.

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