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Barbecook Oskar
Barbecook Alder Smoke Dust
Barbecook cold smoke generator
A complete mackerel
Coarse salt
Brown sugar

Mackerel is, like many other oily fish, rich in omega 3 and is a healthy addition to a balanced diet. This species is easy to order at your local fishmonger or you can, of course, also go fishing at sea yourself.

You can smoke mackerel cold or warm, just as you prepare trout or smoked salmon. We choose to smoke our fresh mackerel cold, which is a nice alternative and is also quite easy to prepare. The mackerel is first salted before smoking, which you can do wet or dry. The most common way is dry-brining of mackerel. To do this make, a mixture of coarse salt and brown sugar, in which you will leave your mackerel for a while.

We smoke the mackerel with alder smoke dust in combination with the Barbecook cold smoke generator. This classic European wood variety is traditionally used to smoke salmon but is also spot on for other fish species.


  1. Make a pickle of ¾ salt and ¼ brown sugar. Cover the mackerel fully in this mixture. You can also add spices to this dry pickle, such as juniper, bay leaf, ...
  2. Let the mackerel for about 3 hours in this dry pickle in a cool place.
  3. Rinse the mackerel off after 3 hours and pat dry with kitchen paper.
  4. Now the mackerel needs to dry. Place the mackerel you have patted dry in the refrigerator for 8 hours.
  5. Fill the cold smoke generator with the alder smoke dust, place the candle inside and light it. As the smoke dust starts to smoulder, blow the candle out and the place the cold smoke generator in the smoking oven.
  6. Hang the mackerel firmly on the brackets in the Barbecook Oskar and close the lid. (Smoking changes the texture of the fish. If your fish weighs more 800 grammes, you are better off laying them on the grill to avoid them falling off the hook during smoking.)
  7. Open the air supply, so that you have the best circulation possible.
  8. Leave the mackerel now to cold smoke for 8 hours and the mackerel will turn a delicious golden yellow colour and get a sublime smoky flavour.
  9. Enjoy!

TIP: when cold smoking do not let the temperature in the smoker exceed 25°. Ideal to get started in autumn or winter!

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