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'Chicken on a can': chicken with whisky, apple juice and hay up its ass

'Chicken on a can': chicken with whisky, apple juice and hay up its ass

Food & More

Barbecook Major or Barbecook Optima
Barbecook Dome
Barbecook Poultry Roaster
a few knobs
pepper & salt
a few sprigs
1 sprig
For the marinade :
2 tbsp
coriander seeds
1 tbsp
fennel seeds
2 tbsp
curry powder
1 tbsp
paprika powder
1 sp
cumin seeds
4 tbsp
olive oil
pepper & salt
For the hay
1 handful
1 shot
(peaty) whisky (e.g. Ballechin)
For the poultry roaster filling
20 cl
apple juice
10 cl
1 shot
(peaty) whisky (e.g. Ballechin)
pepper & salt
bay leaf
1 sprig

I got a new toy this summer, the Barbecook poultry roaster.  The system is based on ‘chicken on a can’. This is a classic, where a chicken is slid over an open can of beer and cooked on the barbecue.  The result is a chicken that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The poultry roaster works in the same way, only you can fill the container with the aromatics and beverage of your choice.

Barbecook chicken on a canIn itself very interesting, although I feared that this would be yet another gadget that would disappear into my cupboard, never to be seen again.  Nothing could be further from the true and I must confess that I'm actually a huge fan. I used it the first time with Duvel. The result was already pretty good. Last week I used it a second time and I am completely sold on the concept.Barbecook chicken on a can

You use the Barbecook poultry roaster with the Barbecook Dome; this heat reflector guarantees nice even cooking and ensures that your chicken will be deliciously crisp. On the advice of a friendly BBQ expert, I stuffed the chicken full of hay soaked in whisky and filled the container with apple juice, a little whisky and various aromatics. I also greased the chicken before baking with a mixture of exotic spices and olive oil. A great idea, as it turned out afterwards.

The result was more than successful. The skin of the chicken was nice and crispy and the meat was juicy and full of flavour.  Both the sweetness of the apple juice and the smokiness of the whisky were clearly evident.

The Barbecook poultry roaster makes sure the chicken stays nice and moist.  Especially with biggies like this chicken it isn’t always easy to cook the chicken so that it isn’t dry. I am therefore a sincere fan of this gadget. There are still three chickens in the freezer and something tells me that I'm going to be using that poultry roaster quite often.

Barbecook chicken on a can

Try it  yourself?

  1. Fry all the spices briefly for the marinade (about 1 minute) in a non-stick pan. Put them in a mortar and grind finely.  Mix the finely ground herbs with olive oil.
  2. Remove any giblets from the chicken. Rinse the inside of the chicken if necessary.
  3. Soak the hay in a dash of whiskey.
  4. Season the inside of the chicken with salt and pepper. Spoon in some knobs of butter. Stuff the chicken with the soaked hay, rosemary and thyme. Rub the outside with the marinade.
  5. Fill the poultry roaster or can with apple juice, a dash of whisky, peppercorns, salt, thyme, bay leaf and rosemary. Slide the chicken over the Barbecook poultry roaster, your chicken is now ready to place on your Barbecook.
  6. Start your Barbecook Quickstart by placing 3 sheets of newspaper in the chimney, add some charcoal in the bowl and light the newspaper. Within 15 minutes you have good glowing coals.
  7. Place the Barbecook grille in the highest position on your cooker and place the poultry roaster with your chicken in the middle of the grille.  Also place the Barbecook Dome on the cooker.
  8. Turn your chicken a quarter turn every 10 minutes so that it’s nice and crispy all around.
  9. After about 30 to 40 minutes your chicken is ready.  Note: the cooking time depends on the size and weight of the chicken.

Fact: You can easily remove the chicken from the poultry roaster because the 'can' is securely attached to the platter. So, you work cleanly, without spillage and safely.

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