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Cheesy smokey Parmesan, oh what a combo!

Cheesy smokey Parmesan, oh what a combo!

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Barbecook Smoker
Barbecook spiral cold smoke generator
Barbecook Hickory wood chips
1 piece of Parmesan cheese

One of the barbecue classics is warm Camembert with baguette. A tip for cheese lovers who want give this retro grill recipe a little more panache: replace the Camembert with a piece of smoked parmigiano reggiano. As well as hot smoking, you can actually cold smoke perfectly too with Barbecook Smokers. Ideal for giving a piece of cheese a smoked flavour!

Made in no time:

  1. There are two ways of smoking: cold and hot. For this dish we choose cold smoking, where the temperature is not higher than 25 °C. That’s why cold smoking is best done when the outside temperature is below 25 °C. The Parmesan cheese can be kept longer this way and acquires a smoked taste without its texture changing.
  2. Place the spiral cold smoke generator in the smoker. Fill the spiral completely with the Hickory wood chips to ensure constant smoke and light the tealight candle. As soon as the wood chips start to smoulder, remove the tealight candle and place the Parmesan in the grill basket.  The Hickory wood chips have a strong taste. Hickory comes from the walnut family, which it what it also has a slightly sweet after-taste. Delicious in combination with Parmesan cheese.  A match made in foodie heaven!
  3. Let it stand for two hours for a delicious cold-smoked Parmesan cheese.
  4. Then mix the cheese in small cubes into a Caesar salad, serve in pieces during the aperitif or grate over a warm pasta. Yum!

TIP: As well as cheese, you can also cold smoke fish, meat, nuts, onions and even olive oil. So be sure to experiment with the different types of Barbecook wood chips.

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