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Sole with grilled veggies

Sole with grilled veggies

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Catch of the day

Barbecook Karl
Barbecook lighter cubes
Yellow courgette
Green sweet pepper
Pointy sweet red pepper
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

A stylish recipe to go with a stylish grill. There’s nothing better on a warm summer day than a light fish dish. Sole is a high-quality fish variety that is available all year round, but it is at its best from June to January - during the summer months: the ideal time for a yummy barbecue. The meat has a firm consistency, but is also tender and moist. In combination with Barbecook Karl this is guaranteed to be a tremendous success at your garden table!


  1. Cut the vegetables into coarse pieces. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Fire up your Barbecook Karl using 3 lighter cubes. It’s easy to keep the fire perfectly under control using the integrated vent.
  3. Brush the sole with olive oil on both sides. Do the same with the vegetables.
  4. Use the ‘three seconds’ rule to test if the fire is hot enough for grilling. Hold your hands approximately 10 cm above the charcoal. If you want to pull them away in less than 3 seconds, you are all set to grill.
  5. Grill the vegetables and the sole.
  6. Season well with salt and pepper. Enjoy!

Barbecook charcoal grill Karl Sole with grilles veggiesBarbecook charcoal grill Karl Sole with grilles veggiesBarbecook charcoal grill Karl Sole with grilles veggies

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