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Breydel bacon with Peppadew mustard

Breydel bacon with Peppadew mustard

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Sweet and spicy on the go

Barbecook Billy
Barbecook charcoal starter
Breydel bacon
Peppadew mustard

Barbecuing on the beach or in the mountains? With Barbecook Billy you can be sure of making an impression, no matter where! Fresh pork belly, a marinade and a powerful mix of herbs and spices are the basis for the well-known Breydel bacon. Get the most out of this product and grill it its purest form. Serve with sweet and spice Peppadew mustard & enjoy, because less is more!

  1. Use the charcoal starter to quickly and easily light your charcoal in the Barbecook Billy. If you don’t have any charcoal starter, you can use Barbecook firelighter blocks instead.
  2. Keep your fire perfectly under control using the adjustable air supply.
  3. Grill the slices of Breydel bacon on the Barbecook Billy’s highest grill position.
  4. Cut the grilled bacon into cubes.
  5. Serve on a cocktail stick with a little Peppadew mustard.

Barbecook charcoal barbecue Billy Breydel bacon

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