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Barbecuing with a spit

Barbecuing with a spit

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Barbecuing with a spit is the best way to enjoy your guests if you are a host or hostess! You don’t have to do much more than poking the meat on the spit and turning on the motor!

Barbecuing with a spit is the best way for indirect grilling. If you use a spit above a normal barbecue, make sure that there is a bowl under your meat to catch the juices. In this way you prevent flaring flames that burn your meat. 

Thereafter, push the meat or fish onto the spit and fasten it between the spit forks. Ensure that the meat or the fish is balanced on the spit. With poultry, the best thing to do is to fasten the legs and the wings so that they don’t dangle around and in this way hinder the barbecue. An additional advantage of barbecuing with a spit is that the meat moistens itself with its own juices.

Pieces of meat or fish which are prepared on the spit are very tender and juicy, because, on the spit, they cook slowly all over. Barbecuing on the spit is ideal for preparing whole fishes, chickens or turkeys, or, for example, a delicious leg of lamb.

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