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Innovation award for Barbecook

Innovation award for Barbecook

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During the opening night of the Paris trade show 'Jardins, Jardin aux Tuileries' the award ceremony Jard'innov took place. During this event - that rassembles all major suppliers, distributors & journalists in the garden sector - Barbecook got the golden award for the innovative charcoal grill Edson.

Jard'innov was held for the eight time in the prestigious  Jardin des Tuileries in Paris to reward the ultimate innovation awards in the garden sector. In the category 'Outdoor Living', the barrel-shaped Barbecook Edson was rewarded with the 'Trophee d'Or', the first prize. 
Barbecook Edson is innovative thanks to its simplicity: a robust barrel was transformed into a qualitative barbecue grill. With the XL-grid you are ready for an XXL grill adventure while you serve up to 10 people. 

The adjustable grid has 2 positions, so you can keep perfect control over your preparations. The integrated ash-tray collects all the ashes after grilling, so cleaning up afterwards is as easy as it comes. After your grill party, the party continues: put on the lid and the Barbecook Edson transforms into a sturdy party table. What better way to end a great evening?

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