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Types of fuel

Types of fuel

Beyond BBQ

So different and so complementary:  gas, charcoal and electric barbecues.
Gas, charcoal and electric barbecues all have their fervent supporters and their convinced adversaries. While the Europeans prefer charcoal, the Englishmen usually choose the gas type. On the contrary, the electric types  are usually used where there is limited room, such as a camp site or on a small balcony.

The different types of appliances are used in different ways. They complement each other perfectly and therefore you can purchase them all. In this way you can enjoy your barbecue preparations, according to your full desires and tastes.



A charcoal barbecue of average quality has a temperature on the surface of a minimum of 500°.  This temperature,  for example, is ideal to grill ribs or to prepare them rare.

You need a lot of patience with the traditional charcoal barbecues, since it takes about forty minutes just to create a decent charcoal fire . barbecook® shortens this time thanks to the Quickstart®  system. From now on you can start up every charcoal fire just by using some newspaper and you can start grilling within fifteen minutes.

As a preparation for the charcoal you can regulate the height of the grillers and the intensity of the flames. After barbecuing you don't need to remove the ashes nor the pyrolysis. The griller will be sterilized thanks to the intense heat of the next session.

Grilling on a nice glowing charcoal fire is a very pleasant activity. A lot of people who like it, cannot resist the cosy atmosphere of this interactive way of grilling.


A gas barbecue reaches a temperature of between 200° and  250°, which is perfect for preparations which require more time, such as grilling of chicken. Additionally. the heat of a gas barbecue is more humid and therefore ideal for fish.

Also the gas barbecue has to pre-heat for about fifteen minutes in order to make the grill hot enough. In order to make the system as efficient as possible, the old models were supplied with lava stones. Nowadays lava stones have been replaced by plates which spread out the heat and produce a better result. Moreover, they are more hygienic than the porous lava stones.

For gas barbecues you don't need to adjust the position of the grill, because the temperature is set with adjustable knobs. 

Gas barbecues blaze less than charcoal barbecues because their temperatures are lower.

One of the big advantages is the type of combustion. Since the gas bottle has a big volume, the barbecue can be used for several times. After barbecuing it is advised to let the barbecue burn for fifteen minutes in order to clean the appliance.  Also the lid, the bowl and the heat spreading plate need to be cleaned.

Electric barbecue

An electric barbecue based on induction reaches a temperature of  200°. Thanks to the technology the capacity lays seriously high and it is possible to grill thick meat rare and to get the meat warm also on the inside.

Also the electric barbecue has to pre-heat. Thanks to induction this time is, however, considerably shortened. The efficiency with induction is four times higher than with the traditional electric barbecues.

Thanks to the higher efficiency and faster pre-heating, induction saves energy. Thanks to this energy saving technique, the temperature on the cooking surface is also much lower. This is not only a clear advantage in safety, but this property also reduces maintenance to a minimum.

It is certain  that cooking with induction is one of the most advanced cooking techniques and that even more and more professional cooks are opting for this technique, because of the fast reaction time and the accurate temperature regulation.



Barbecook Grilltabs, developed for the Joya table barbecue, are made from the so-called Invader Bush. It is an encroaching bush in the African savannah that takes the sunlight away from the local fauna and flora, and hence turns the fertile savannah into an arid desert. By converting this Invader Bush into charcoal, Barbecook contributes to the revival of the fauna and flora and supports the local population that produces it.

The result?
Charcoal briquettes made from 100% FSC-certified wood, produced with respect for man and environment.

Light the Grilltabs using the wood wool packaged in the aluminium bowl. With their unique shape, Grilltabs ensure optimal air circulation during lighting. After 40 minutes they are ready for grilling.

Grilltabs ensure evenly distributed and long-lasting heat. On the grid they provide the ideal grilling temperature for small and large preparations at the table. Afterwards you can even recycle the bowl and use the ashes to fertilise your plants. Good for the environment and at the same time easy-peasy!

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