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Beyond BBQ

Need some gift inspiration? Barbecook has some recommendations! All within your budget!

Enjoy some cosy warmth in an atmospheric setting with the fire pits. Or would you rather stay cocooned indoors, with your food slowly sizzling or smoking outside? Then a smoker oven is the ideal gift! Don’t forget the matching accessories to ensure your barbecue is a success. Here we go!  

< € 25


Ready to pop? With the popcorn pan you can make your own delicacies in no time. Great to try with friends or children.

€25 - € 50


Do you want to keep your cooking under control and enjoy the party at the same time? With this wireless thermometer, you can keep an eye on your food and control the temperature from a distance. Ideal if you want to enjoy a special aperitif moment while timing your cooking. You hear an alert when it reaches the desired temperature. Gimme, gimme!


Do you fancy moving your Italian favourite from the oven to the barbecue? Get started with the pizza plate and add an extra crispy crust.

€ 50 - € 100


Do you love blissful icy winter evenings, snuggling up outside under a sheepskin rug? Surely there’s nothing better than toasting a few marshmallows over a crackling fire? Cosiness rules with the fire pits.

Tip: it would be great for an original date ;-) Why only invest in new accessories when the summer’s first warming rays of sun appear, when you could just as well get started in winter? (Hello winter barbecues – which are all the rage these days!)

With MyClick, you can decide for yourself which tools you want to use when, because they can be personalised perfectly to meet your wishes.


Smoking is done in 1, 2, 3 with Otto.
Thanks to this extremely user-friendly smoker, you can conjure up smoked delicacies on your plate after half an hour. Useful for friends with little patience ;-)


Never smoked food before? Now’s your chance! The smallest smoker oven in the Oskar range offers endless possibilities for aspiring smokers. Did you know, for example, that smoking your meat means you can preserve it for longer? Join the ‘low and slow’ trend and surprise your loved ones (partner, parents, friends…) with this multifunctional smoker for both hot and cold smoking. Smoke it real good!

Fun fact: Oskar S has two big brothers in M and L models, to bring you endless smoking enjoyment.

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