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Baltic Sea Rally: A Get-Together in the North

Baltic Sea Rally: A Get-Together in the North

Beyond BBQ

Baltic Sea Rally Report - Part 3

The scenery along our route through Norway is even more captivating than on the Swedish side. Forests, lakes, tunnels, and bridges accompany us along fjords, bays, and surf. We cross the Tropic of Cancer and from now on the sun will shine 24 hours a day. Reason enough to meet up with all 134 rally teams on the Lofoten archipelago to celebrate in style. We hop on a ferry that takes two hours to deposit us directly on one of the islands in the archipelago, where we meet up with a number of other teams and agree to party together. Arriving at the party spot, the scene is quite amazing: With our fleet of vintage vehicles and modern classics, we take up two huge parking lots. From a teepee, a DJ is blasting out tunes on the nearby beach, where the Viking games will take place later in the evening. The beach faces north so we can keep track of the sun above the northern horizon throughout the night. At first glance it all seems quite surreal somehow.

One of the challenges of the rally is to carry a crate of beer, untouched, from Hamburg to the party. After congratulating ourselves on our success and opening the first bottle, our brains slowly catch up with us at this wonderful place and we look forward to the party even more. The barbecues are in full swing, brutal contests are held, and Cross golf balls are hit across the archipelago. Around midnight we light a huge camp fire under the pleasantly warm midnight sun. An unforgettable moment meeting new friends and like-minded people.

In Norway, you can’t buy much in euros. It’s possible to buy Norwegian kronor but this is an expensive undertaking. Luckily, we brought along another promising currency: plenty of a certain German herbal concoction in handily sized units. In the first fish restaurant that comes along we exchange three bottles of Jägermeister for more than two kilos of fresh fish. Being free from the shackles of money makes us feel pleasantly wealthy.

Our fish fillets are rather impressive and we are excited to see how the small table-top barbecue from Barbecook will get on. We planted a small herb garden in the camper including thyme, rosemary, and coriander, and brought fresh lemons from Germany. We really are pretty well equipped for our first long camping trip. Once the Joya has cooked the fillets, complementing them with a charcoal taste, we savor the wild Norwegian coley and other ocean-dwelling delights.

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