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Baltic Sea Rally: And on we go!

Baltic Sea Rally: And on we go!

Beyond BBQ

Baltic Sea Rally Report - Part 2

Our route takes us from southern Sweden through the land of the elk and Volvos to the border with Norway. En route we pass Lake Vättern, spend the night in Örebro and Östersundland, and leave Sweden heading west towards Mo i Rana in Norway. It’s practically impossible to get lost in Sweden—in the north of the country there aren’t many roads. We scrupulously stick to the rules (no GPS, no highways).

We also work hard on the road book tasks: We look for the biggest boulder we can find in a conservation area to have the vehicle photographed with it, take a Baltic Sea flag up a snow-covered summit, try desperately to catch fish for our supper, and prove that we’re ready to take on anything: We buy a can of Surströmming (weird pickled fish) in a Swedish supermarket and open it under the curious gaze of a few fellow campaigners. Showing this “delicacy” the respect that it is due, we open it, just to be on the safe side, under water. It fizzes, the water turns white, and a beastly stink spreads out across northern Sweden. Maybe it would have been a good idea to cancel all flights over the area beforehand. Unfortunately, this is where the challenge really gets under way. The can of fish travels with us, open, for 200 km, as evidenced by the photos we take of the odometer with the open can. Although we survived the torture, we still have no idea whether the stench of fermented Swedish fish will ever disappear from our MB100...

We’re only allowed to wild camp, so personal hygiene is not as easy or enjoyable as at home. Although Sweden largely consists of lakes and rivers, the cold can no longer be measured in centimeters. Luckily, we can warm ourselves up again with fresh coffee. Our Barbecook grill also comes into its own. For our lake-side barbecue at Örebro, we cook up the finest Swedish meatballs with a variety of vegetable sides. The Joya table-top barbecue has self-igniting coals and, being so compact, is perfect for trips away. Who needs an IKEA cafe!

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