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About Barbecook

The first barbecook® barbecue was developed in 1985, based on the finding that barbecues were often very primitive. One of Barbecook®’s goals from the outset was therefore to make barbecuing more efficient and safer. This resulted, among other things, in our patented lighting system QuickStart®.

Barbecook® is a trademark of the Belgian company SAEY Home & Garden, which is part of the SAEY Group. Alongside barbecook®, the SAEY Group is active as a steel trader, and operates a successful stove business.

The products, names and brands of the barbecook® range are subject to royalties, copyrights, patents, model deposits and licenses. SAEY Home & Garden NV reserves the right to take legal action against any infringements.

Saey Home & Garden NV
Industrielaan 4
8501 Heule Kortrijk

VAT : BE 0478.739.738


We want to become the world smartest and innovation driven company of home & garden products.


Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative, design driven and smart products and services. We want our employees to be proud of their company. We want to sell our customers easy and rewarding products.

Company values

  • Professional and passionate
  • Innovative and result driven
  • Pride and ambition
  • Ethic and multicultural sensitivity.