FAQ - Grills

Gas Barbecue

The lacquered parts of my Barbecook gas barbecue are already rusting after 1 year. However, my appliance is stored in the garden shed under a cover during the winter.

Rusting can be the result of several factors. There are two options: either it is about surface rust, or it is effectively the metal under the paint that is rusting. The thickness of the paint layer is always checked on all our painted parts before packaging. We therefore guarantee that the applied paint layer is sufficiently rust-resistant. Of course, there are always external factors that influence this anti-corrosion property. Possible causes of rust formation are, for example:

  • Failure to dry adequately after cleaning.
  • A damp storage place.
  • The use of aggressive cleaning agents.

With "surface rust" the cause is never the affected object itself, but the rust particles that are stuck to the surface. Think of a stainless steel knife that may have rust after cleaning in the dishwasher. It is very important to maintain and store the appliance properly. Rust or discoloration caused by external factors are not covered by the warranty.
The best way to remove rust is with a soft cloth and baking soda. Certainly never with corrosive products or steel wool because this will cause scratches.

Can I replace the grills of my gas barbecue with three contact plates?

The burners of a gas barbecue always need enough oxygen to function properly. If you would replace all the grids with a contact or baking tray, you would take away too much oxygen from the burners. As a result, the appliance will no longer function as it was inspected and could even produce soot. Two thirds contact plate and one third grid are allowed. One part of the grid must always remain free for optimum air circulation.

There are huge flames coming out of my gas grill on first use.

It is very important that you use the correct shutter release. The pressure indicated on the pressure release valve must correspond to the pressure indicated in the manual. For example, both the type plate (see inside front panel or door) and the manual state to use a 37mbar pressure regulator for propane gas in Belgium.
The correct pressure regulator for the correct country in combination with the correct type of gas must always be respected. We recommend that you connect the appliance under the correct conditions as described in the manual.

Land Gasfles, slang en regelaar



Propaan, 30 mbar - Butaan, 30 mbar

Propaan, 37 mbar - Butaan, 28-30 mbar

There are blisters coming up on the cast iron grills of my Barbecook Brahma. How does that happen?

The Barbecook Brahma barbecues are equipped with powerful burners. This heats up your barbecue very quickly and ensures a constant temperature. If you want to grill with a closed lid, it is important that the temperature in the barbecue does not become too high. A normal temperature is about 210°C. If the temperature becomes too high, we recommend to open the lid and to turn the burners a bit more to close.
We advise you to always check the temperature in the barbecue and not to exceed 300°C. If this does happen, the barbecue can be deformed and damaged. If you use the barbecue for a long time at a temperature which is too high, it can overheat. This will cause blisters on the grills.
When you register your barbecue, you will get a complete overview of all the replacement parts that you can order. That way, your Brahma barbecue will immediately look like new again.

When lighting my gas barbecue I hear a ticking noise but there is no flame in the burners. I do not see a spark either between the electrode and the burner. What should I do?

It is possible that the pin of the ignition is not properly positioned, so no spark is possible. If you do not get a spark when pressing the ignition, it could have several causes:

  • The batteries are not in the unit (Spring: the batteries should be in the front of the push button, Siesta and Stella: the batteries should be in the right side of the igniter under the control panel of the barbecue).
  • The batteries are dead.
  • The batteries are not correctly seated in the igniter.
  • The cables are not connected properly to the igniter.
  • The electrode is too far from the burner.
  • There is dirt at the electrode level on the burner.
  • The wiring is interrupted.
  • The ground is not connected.

If you do not get the problem solved, we will be happy to help you.

How should I install the heat distribution plates in my gas barbecue?

The heat distribution plates were developed to distribute the heat as evenly as possible over the grid of your gas barbecue.

For the Barbecook Spring and Siesta you need to place the burner caps in the provided slots, above the round burners.

For the Barbecook Stella the burner caps should be placed above the flat burners, also in the provided slots. The side of the burner cap with the two openings is the front and must therefore be placed forward.

What is the purpose of the 'pin' or 'clip' that I received with the mounting hardware for my gas barbecue? How should I install it?

The clip you refer to belongs to the side burner. The clip forms the connection between the side burner and the gas tap.
The side burner has a small opening at the bottom, into which you can hook the clip. Pull the clip over the gas tap of the burner. The clip ensures that the gas tap remains positioned in the correct place in relation to the burner. In this way, the side burner can still suck in enough oxygen for a good combustion.


The paint on my Smoker is completely burnt and is peeling off.

Smoking basically means cooking at a low temperature for a long time. The temperature should always circulate between 50 and 120°C.
Our smokers all have an 800°C heat-resistant paint. Since in normal use such high temperatures are never reached, this means that the paint on the smoker can never peel or burn off due to heat formation. The paint can burn only when in direct contact with flames.
Problems can arise if you use the smoker as a fire pit, which of course is absolutely not the intention.
When you register your Barbecook smoker, you immediately get an overview of the possible replacement parts. That way, your smoker will look like new again in no time.

Can I also use the smoker for grilling or is this type of barbecue for smoking only?

The Barbecook smoker offers various possibilities.
In the first place, the purpose of this barbecue is to smoke food hot or cold and thus add unique flavors.
In addition, the bottom part of the smoker can also be used as a regular barbecue. Remove the lid and the upper ring from the smoker. Pour the coals into the lower enameled bowl of the smoker and place the supplied grid on top. If desired, you can use the lid of the smoker while barbecuing. That way, in addition to direct grilling, you can also grill indirectly.

Charcoal Barbecue

My colored QuickStart® charcoal barbecue changes color during use. How is that possible?

Unfortunately, certain types of enamel can discolor when exposed to extreme heat. For example, green enamel may acquire an orange-yellow tint and red may become dark red.
Thanks to the powerful starting mechanism, the Barbecook Quickstart® barbecues reach a high temperature during grilling. With lacquered parts, the paint would peel off immediately. For this very reason Barebcook has opted for enamel parts. During grilling, the enamel of the bowl can change color, but certainly does not peel off. Important to know is that the enamel, when cooling down, will immediately return to its original color.

The clips on my charcoal barbecue do not tighten sufficiently. As a result, the tube is not secured to the QuickStop/base.

The clips of our Quickstart charcoal barbecue can be placed in 3 positions. Probably your problem will be solved when you just put the clips in another position and tighten the whole a bit more. In that way, the pipe will be firmly placed on the base of the barbecue again and you can start grilling.

The bottom grid is deformed, rusted. Is this covered by the warranty?

The ground grid of the Barbecook Quickstart charcoal barbecue is located in the center of the barbecue bowl, exposing it to enormous heat. For this reason, in the short term there can indeed be deformation or rust. However, this has no effect on the functionality of your charcoal barbecue. If desired, you can always buy a new ground grid (reference BC-SPA-8119).