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  • Tool for easy and quick lighting of charcoal barbecues, smoker and fire pits.
  • With safe-drop system.
  • Handle with a heat resistant deflector plate
When purchasing a barbecue, the choice is often based on the user-friendliness of it. When considering the purchase of a charcoal BBQ, lighting this type of barbecue is seen by many as a threshold. After all, you don't simply light it by turning one knob, it requires a little more effort. However, nowadays, there are enough methods to light this type of barbecue in a minimum of time. Get to know the charcoal starter!
If you do not have a Barbecook charcoal BBQ with the Quick-Start® system, it is best to use a Barbecook charcoal starter to get your coals or briquettes burning. With this cylindrical tool you save yourself a lot of unnecessary mess. First of all, take the grill grid of your charcoal BBQ and place a few Barbecook lighter cubes on the bottom grid. Place the charcoal starter on top of the lighter cubes. Then pour the starter full of charcoal or briquettes. Light the lighter cubes through one of the holes on the side of the charcoal starter using a long match or lighter. The advantage of this method is that the charcoal starter sucks in the hot air from below and spreads it through the coals. When the edges of the charcoal are glowing, or the briquettes are covered with a thin layer of grey ash, they are ready for use and you can carefully drop them into the bowl of your charcoal BBQ thanks to the safe-drop system of your charcoal starter. Then put some extra charcoal or briquettes in the barbecue bowl until it is half full. Wait until all the charcoals/briquettes are white/hot. Let’s get the grill party started!
With Barbecook's charcoal starter with safe-drop system you can light your charcoal BBQ in no time. Thanks to the practical design you can smoothly fill the accessory with coals or briquettes. The holes on the side are spacious enough so you can easily light your lighter cubes and ensure a good circulation of air. The charcoal starter has a safe-drop system, this is the red button at the top of the handle. Once your coals or briquettes are covered with a layer of grey ash, you push the button of the safe-drop system so that your glowing coals or briquettes easily end up in your barbecue bowl. An extremely efficient and safe use! In addition to the charcoal starter with safe-drop system, Barbecook also offers a charcoal starter made of enamelled steel with a wooden handle.
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Länge Artikel mm 165
Breite Artikel mm 165
Höhe Artikel mm 275

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