Hamburger-Grill FSC

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  • Geeignet zum gleichmäßigen Braten von Hamburgern.
  • Perfekt für die Zubereitung von 6 Hamburgern.
  • Trägt das FSC®-label
Everyone certainly loves to eat a juicy beefburger every now and then. Wrapped in a crispy bun and topped with delicious ingredients such as cheddar and onions, a beefburger never dissapoints. It becomes even more tasty when all this is prepared on the barbecue. Are you inviting some guests or do you want to make burgers for the whole family? Then use a hamburger grill, an accessory in which you can hold several beefburgers at the same time. Perfect to save time and to avoid messing around!
When preparing several beefburgers at the same time on the barbecue, it is best to use a hamburger grill. Buy your beefburgers in the supermarket or prepare your own delicious version. After all, homemade always tastes best! In that case, make sure that the burgers do all have the same size and thickness. That way, you don’t have the risk of one beefburger being fried less or more than another. Preferably use one of Barbecook's hamburger presses for this. Barbecook offers a hamburger press for 1 larger burger (diameter of 11.5 cm) as well as a press for 3 mini burgers (diameter of 6.8 cm). Both barbecue accessories have grooves that provide the typical grillmarks in your beefburger. Slide the beefburgers into your hamburger grill and bake them. The big advantage of the hamburger grill is that your beefburgers will certainly not stick to your barbecue grill. Your barbecue grill will therefore hardly get dirty. You only have to clean your hamburger grill thoroughly afterwards. Furthermore, this barbecue accessory is extra handy because you can turn all your beefburgers easily in one movement, so a hamburger grill is a real must for those who love convenience!
Barbecook offers a hamburger grill in chromed steel. Thanks to the practical wooden handle, you can easily and safely make use of this accessory. The wooden handle also has the FSC label, which stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This is an organisation that strives worldwide for responsible forest management according to strict social, ecological and economic criteria. The handle of the hamburger grill therefore comes from wood that has been acquired in a sustainable manner. The barbecue accessory can be very easily closed and opened thanks to the ring that you can slide over the end of the hamburger grill. The dimensions of the hamburger grill are 35 cm x 23 cm.
Technische Details


Länge Artikel mm 350
Breite Artikel mm 30
Höhe Artikel mm 525

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Article code BC-ACC-7104
EAN 5400269240738

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