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  • Verhindert das Anhaften von Zubereitungen am Grill.
  • Icflon®-Beschichtung.
  • Antihaftbeschichtung.
  • Geeignet für kleine Zubereitungen.
Barbecue mesh
Are you also tired of a dirty barbecue grid, or do you find it annoying that those tasty vegetables fall through your grid? Then you should definitely try out Barbecook’s barbecue mesh. It couldn't be easier: a mat for grilling. Let's Barbecook & Chill!
What are the advantages of a barbecue mesh?
Everyone has definitely had this feeling: you are in the mood for a delicious barbecue, but you’re not in the mood to clean up afterwards. With the super convenient barbecue mesh of Barbecook this problem is history. Put the barbecue mesh on your gas or charcoal barbecue and let’s grill. The barbecue mesh is a great accessory for anyone who loves to barbecue. Place the barbecue mesh on your barbecue grid and you can be sure that meat, fish and vegetables never burn or stick to the grid again. This will not only ensure that your barbecue dishes are much healthier, but also that your grids will become less dirty. As a result, you will have to clean your barbecue thoroughly less often. A second big advantage is that small ingredients, for example parts of a brochette, cannot fall between the grids anymore. This way, you will not only prevent food waste, but large flames will also develop less quickly, making grilling a lot safer. Nice to know: you can also use the handy Barbecook barbecue mesh in the oven.
How to maintain a barbecue mesh?
The Barbecook barbecue mesh is super easy to maintain. Let the barbecue mesh cool down after barbecuing and then let it soak into warm water with a few drops of detergent. After this you can easily wipe off all food leftovers. You can also simply put the barbecue mesh in the dishwasher. Can it get any easier? Be careful when you remove the barbecue mesh from your barbecue grill, because it is very hot, just like the grids. Remove the barbecue mesh from your grill with protective gloves such as Barbecook's long black gloves. These gloves are made of cotton and finished with a safe aluminum insulation on the inside. The perfect protection!
Alternative to the barbecue mesh
Are you looking for a grill topper specifically for appetizers? Then choose the Barbecook appetizer grid. This handy accessory ensures that even the finest appetizers can be prepared on your barbecue. The appetizer grid is similar to the barbecue mesh, but it also has two practical handles. Perfect to prepare the appetizers at the next barbecue party!
Technische Details


Länge Artikel mm 360
Breite Artikel mm 420
Höhe Artikel mm 1

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