Reinigungsbürsten für Grillgeräte

Spiralbürste mit langem Griff schwarz

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After a delicious barbecue party, you’re probably not in the mood to immediately clean your barbecue. However, it’s extremely important to do some basic cleaning, think about your barbecue grid for example. Not only for hygienic reasons, but also to extend the life span of your barbecue grid. Barbecook loves to help you with one of its handy cleaning tools: get to know Barbecook's rounded brush!
After a good barbecue session, a shiny grid seems out of the question. No worries, with Barbecook's rounded brush the job is easily done. The rounded brush of Barbecook is extra handy because its fine, rough bristles remove the coarse dirt, even in hard-to-reach places. In order to make this process easier, it is recommended to first fire up your barbecue (with lid) and bring it to a very high temperature. This method is also known as pyrolysis. In this way the dirt and fat will burn to ashes. You can remove the ashes with a cloth. Afterwards, you can easily scrub off the remaining residue using the rounded brush. This method is ideal if you have a lot of caked-on food. By the way, if your grid isn’t extremely dirty, you can also use a lemon or onion half. These have a disinfecting effect and are natural fat solvers. You finish your cleaning job with the rounded brush. Also try to clean your grid with the rounded brush in between your meals. This helps enormously to reduce the cleaning work at the end. Let’s scrub!
Of course, you can also act preventively and make sure that your grid hardly gets dirty, if at all. Rub some vegetable oil or lemon juice on your grid beforehand and you will see that the ingredients barely stick to the grid. Consequently, you will have less caked-on food residue at the end of your barbecue session and you will have to scrub less with your rounded brush. Barbecook also offers various accessories to ensure that your food doesn’t touch the grid at all. Just think of a grill mat - round or rectangular - or BBQ trays. The Barbecook appetizer grid also ensures less dirt on the grid. You simply wash these accessories afterwards and they are ready for the next use.
Technische Details


Länge Artikel mm 170
Breite Artikel mm 30
Höhe Artikel mm 520

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