Taste and flavour makers

Taste and flavour makers

BBQ taste and flavour makers are a blessing during a barbecue, because let's face it: isn't barbecue all about the perfect taste? Marinating your dishes generously, rubbing them with a delicious herb mix or just seasoning them well during grilling does a lot, but adding an extra dash of flavour is the finishing touch anyway! Besides the barbecue fire spices, Barbecook also offers numerous BBQ taste and flavour makers to add a subtle or less subtle smoke flavour to your ingredients. Worth discovering! Read more

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Add a smoky flavour to your dishes with BBQ taste and flavour makers

Barbecook offers a wide range of BBQ taste and flavour makers to add an irresistible smoky flavour to your dishes. You can choose for smoking chips, wood chunks or smoking dust. Smoking chips and wood chunks are BBQ taste and flavour makers that you use for hot smoking. You soak them in water and then sprinkle them over your glowing coals, you wrap them in aluminium foil or you put them in a universal smoker box. Smoking dust, on the other hand, is used for cold smoking and is inserted into a cold smoke generator. The above BBQ taste and flavour makers are available in different flavours: beech, alder, red wine, cherry, apple... Delicious! That tastes like more if you ask us!