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Major Black Go
# 223.5010.900
barbecook Major Black Go
1Comfortably mobile. Ready, Set, Go!
The Go-series is equipped with a cart with sturdy wheels for ultimate mobility before, during and after barbecuing. Do you want to move your barbecue in or out of the sun, protect it from the wind or quickly store it in your garage or garden shed? With the Go, moving your barbecue is child's play and perfectly safe as well. The handle is positioned behind the bowl, so you always move your BBQ with the fire away from you.
2Easy to light

Lighting a charcoal barbecue has never been so easy. With our QuickStart® system, you just put three sheets of newspaper in the lighting tube to get your charcoal ready for grilling within fifteen minutes.

3Healthy grilling

Only the perfect charcoal fire of barbecook® gives you enough power to barbecue without lid. Such a fire is very easy to achieve with our unique QuickStart® system with its adjustable air supply. It allows you to create the ideal air circulation in any situation. It also ensures healthy barbecuing, because grilling without lid means that no harmful substances can penetrate the food. In addition, the easily adjustable grid prevents any contact with harmful flare-ups.

4Easy to clean
After barbecuing you brush the ashes into the ashtray. When cold, you can throw away the ashes and your barbecook® is ready for the next party!
5Durable quality
The high quality porcelain-enamel finish results in a rust and heat resistant barbecue that is also easy to clean. Enamel is synonymous with affordable quality.

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