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About Barbecook

The first barbecook® barbecue was developed in 1985, based on the finding that barbecues were often very primitive. One of Barbecook®’s goals from the outset was therefore to make barbecuing more efficient and safer. This resulted, among other things, in our patented lighting system QuickStart®.

Barbecook® is a trademark of the Belgian company SAEY Home & Garden, which is part of the SAEY Group. Alongside barbecook®, the SAEY Group is active as a steel trader, and operates a successful stove business.

The products, names and brands of the barbecook® range are subject to royalties, copyrights, patents, model deposits and licenses. SAEY Home & Garden NV reserves the right to take legal action against any infringements.

Saey Home & Garden NV
Industrielaan 4
8501 Heule Kortrijk

VAT : BE 0478.739.738

Barbecook® aims to give you carefree barbecue pleasure. That is why we focus on ease of use from start to finish: from easy assembly over user-friendly use to simple maintenance of our barbecues and accessories. Three areas in which barbecook® sets new standards time and again!